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Excellence equals megapixel over coax

Security and IT Professionals are weighing the benefit of migrating old, outdated analog camera systems to IP systems.

The cost in replacing infrastructure cabling alone usually places IP resolution (megapixel) out of reach. Add in hardware costs and expensive cameras, and it just isn’t cost effective for many businesses.

Advanced Digital Security can offer 1.3, 2.0, and even 5.0 Megapixel** camera systems that run on existing RG59 or RG6 (coaxial) infrastructure cabling. The best part, all of this can be accomplished at roughly 1/3 the expense of typical IP technology and it will take less than half the bandwidth of costly IP technology. In most cases, Megapixel over coax is even less expensive than your original analog system!

See the video screen captures below of a 2MP camera versus a 540 TVL camera.

HD over Coax (2 MP)
HD over Coax (2 MP)
Traditional Analog over Coax
Traditional Analog over Coax

ADS: The Quality Choice

Advanced Digital Security, Inc. (ADS) has been designing, implementing and servicing digital video surveillance systems for almost two decades. ADS offers the best security expertise, featuring over 100 years of combined experience.

Our Difference:

State-0f-the-Art Equipment

Our systems feature the finest components from top manufacturers. To maximize quality and customization, we build our own DVRs using Pentium 4 processors and brand-name components from companies such as Western Digital.


ADS utilizes the most dependable platforms to ensure that your system is consistently reliable. While ADS systems usually operate on Windows XP®, we are also experienced in working with other platforms.

Experienced, Dedicated Staff

Unlike many other companies, ADS service and installation staff are background-checked company employees. To maintain the highest integrity, we never use outside contractors or third parties.

Competitive Pricing

Our experience, national buying power and strategic alliances with key manufacturers empower us to offer you the best prices in the industry. We won’t be undersold.


ADS is committed to teaching your staff how to make the most of your video surveillance system. We’ll train your employees, ensuring they know how to properly utilize the equipment and get the most from all features.

Service and Support

Our commitment to your organization doesn’t end when your installation is complete. We proactively remain in contact with you and are readily available should you ever need assistance.

Our promise is simple, yet powerful:

“We promise to provide an honest assessment of your security risks, whether they are minor or complex, and to deliver a solution that effectively addresses them using the best equipment at the most competitive prices. We also promise to support you and your staff once our system is implemented, whenever the need arises.”