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Is your store at risk?

Retail stores and shopping malls have long faced significant security challenges, such as armed robbery, burglary, credit card fraud, employee theft and shoplifting. Recent news has also headlined the significant threat of mall violence, resulting in a widespread concern about the critical need to see what’s happening in and around retail establishments at all times and the ability to quickly share critical information with legal authorities and key store personnel in the event of crime.

Digital Security for Retail businessesThrough the use of high-resolution cameras and digital video recorders, store personnel can easily view clear, crisp color images of all monitored areas using any Internet connection.

Video surveillance systems give store management and law enforcement personnel and the eyes they need to effectively protect employees, customers and assets and investigate a crime or manage a crisis situation.

Video Surveillance Benefits:

  • Provides an effective, budget-friendly method to improve store security and monitor cash registers, retail floors, storage rooms, parking lots and more.
  • Supplies irrefutable, clear visual evidence in the event of a security breech or incident.
  • Assists with employee and consumer behavior modification and proactively works to prevent problems.
  • Decreases theft and property losses, resulting in lower insurance premiums.
  • Delivers high return on investment and increased profitability.

ADS: The Quality Choice

Advanced Digital Security, Inc. (ADS) has been designing, implementing and servicing digital video surveillance systems for almost two decades. ADS offers the best security expertise, featuring over 100 years of combined experience.

Key Store Monitoring Areas:

  • Sales counters / cash registers
  • Retail floors / high traffic zones
  • Inventory storage
  • Elevators / escalators
  • Parking lots
  • Employee break areas

Digital Video Recording Camera SystemsDigital Video Surveillance Systems Protect Your Assets, Property and Employees by Offering:

  • Live remote viewing via the internet
  • Sharp, color images
  • 24/7 uninterrupted operation, no operator necessary.
  • Remote viewing and image retrieval options.
  • Instant access to recorded images by time, location and more.
  • Ability to save, share and organize images for future review and reference.
  • Immediate sharing with police and fire departments.

Digital Video Surveillance Equipment

ADS offers a wide selection of cameras and equipment to suit your needs. From large, complex systems to smaller packages.

Our high-quality camera selection includes:

  • Fixed surveillance cameras
  • Infrared and hidden surveillance cameras
  • Programmable dome cameras
  • Weather and bullet-proof exterior cameras

We also offer:

  • Digital video recorders (DVRs)
  • CRT, flat-panel and LCD TV monitors
  • Video switches and controllers
  • Cables & mounting hardware
  • Installation, service and support

DVR Surveillance CamerasShopping centers, parking lots, convenience stores, etc. all present unique environments that we address perfectly. Advanced Digital Security systems are designed to compliment your efforts to secure the workplace environment, help prevent theft and deter vandalism.

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